New Zealand is a land of happiness. People work here a lot. They also know how to relax. They generate profit for their own pleasure. Rotorua is one of the cities in New Zealand with fine infrastructure. Look for it in travel ratings.

Visitors leave grateful comments! They admit Rotorua offers fine restaurants and events for entertainment. One of such is Jambalaya festival of Rhythm and Dance.

Celebrate life at Jambalaya

Jambalaya festival is a true celebration of life. Why is it popular among locals and foreigners?

  • It offers a very diverse program. The festival is dedicated to dance and to the rhythm. It pays tribute to various rhythms in a most broadest sense. That is why Jambalaya festival is about music, interactive installations, theatre arts, and dancing of course.
  • Jambalaya tends to celebrate past and present achievements of the industry. It invites popular artists who play modern music and theatre performances. You will like this integrity of classic arts and its modern interpretations.
  • It is an event for all. Festival lasts for three days. It is not an event for young people only. The venues, facilities are designed the way, everyone will enjoy Jambalaya. Special kids zones are constructed for parents with children.

Nightlife at Jambalaya

Jambalaya offers a fine evening program. Whatever age you are, come to the festival and spend a romantic evening here! The night program is not less intense as the day one. The visitors are offered:

  • Various music concerts. Famous New Zealand’s groups, as well as international ones, come to Rotorua. Each concert is a true manifestation of modern popular music. Johnny V√°zcez, Stephen Taberner, and many others conquered the scene. The concerts of music stars are organized each evening. The performances take place at Grumpy Mole and Fuze Bar.
  • Music and dancing performance. This is one of the most spectacular performances at the festival. The show will impress by the range of rhythms, colors and its grace. Take your sweetheart to this event! It is truly impressive and romantic.
  • Jambalaya hosts national selection for a salsa championship. If you want to enjoy dancing mastery, it is a right evening event for you.
  • People can learn at the festival. Dancing tutorials are an important part of Jambalaya. Event organizers offer workshops of dancing all day long. You can learn various dancing techniques from true professionals.

The shows are really beautiful. Festival is a good idea either as an entertainment spot or as a place for a romantic date. Visit Jambalaya – you will have a good time!