Each year New Zealand welcomes thousands of national and international guests. They come to Rotorua to attend yearly Jambalaya Festival of Rhythm and Dance. This event offers a variety of attractions:

  • master classes to gain new skills;
  • entertaining facilities for joy and relaxation;
  • concerts and crowded disco-parties.

Jambalaya is recommended for any age group.

Tango at Festival of Rhythm and Dance

Mastering arts at Festival of Rhythm and Dance

Event organizers invite world-known dancing stars each year. They give master-classes continuously during three days of Festival duration. These are the dancing styles practiced at Jambalaya:

  • salsa;
  • rumba;
  • tango;
  • swing;
  • bachata.

Dancing at Jambalaya is an expression of emotions. Dynamic and passionate pas drive visitors crazy. Event organizers afford to invite top professionals. They in return upgrade personal image. Jambalaya is a brand event, known among connoisseurs.

Music section at the Festival is equally attractive. The scenes welcome international stars. Modern and rare music styles are performed at Festival. Rhythms are dynamic. Bit boxing is one of the exemplary ones.

Entertaining yourself at Festival

Jambalaya organizers offer surprises for everyone. The festival is a fine event for those without dancing and music preferences. Visitors visit the event to play. Online casinos provide fine gaming equipment for gaming tournaments. People can win a fortune while enjoying a dynamic atmosphere of a Festival. Gaming tournaments are regularly held here as well.

Evening shows is another popular entertaining at the Festival. They are a combination of light, sound, and color. The funding to create such performance is generous.

Everyone who has an opportunity to come to Rotorua should visit Jambalaya Festival of Rhythm and Dance. This three days event is a bridge between mass culture and classic one. It shows how modern and classic techniques in arts can coexist.

Jambalaya is highly valued in New Zealand and around the world.


Practical information for a visit

This is what every visitor should know about attending Jambalaya.

  1. It is quite inexpensive to visit Festival of Rhythm and Dance. Adults get their tickets for around 25 New Zealand dollars. Young people and people from 65 years old will pay 15 New Zealand dollars.
  2. Venue offers fine dining facilities. There are many bars. They offer good food, fine wine card, and cocktails. Each place if fulfilled with an active, dynamic spirit of the event.
  3. Jambalaya is an event for the whole family. Parents are encouraged to take their children with them. During the day there are special workshops for children. They have their playing areas at the Festival venue. Kids will surely like evening shows. The most spectacular ones are in the opening and closure of the event.

Jambalaya is an event highly recommended to attend. Each year the visitors leave a grateful comment. It has been organized for many years on a roll. It proved to be a benchmark event in the entertaining industry.